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Summer 2022 Home Learning

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Spring 2022 Home Learning

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Helping Hands Summer 2021

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Home Learning January 2021- March 2021

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Home Learning September - December 2020

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Home Activities

These activities will help you to support your child's learning at home.  They will help to reinforce all the things we have been learning in Nursery School this term.

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Week Commencing 23rd March 2020

 Watch the video of our story this week 'When will it be Spring ?'  www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXo63BhITKY

  • Make a comfy den for the bear to go to sleep in using cushions and blankets
  • Paint or draw a Spring picture
  • Talk about the changes in the weather now that it is Spring
  • If you have got paint at home can you use your fingers to make flowers
  • Other than bears what animals did you see in the story?
  • Do you have a favourite teddy ? Can you retell the story to your teddy ?
  • Can you design and make a bed for your teddy using old boxes from your kitchen?

Don't forget to stay active you could try this dance www.youtube.com/watch?v=10vEa0xKxKQ 

Our Rhyme this week is three little frogs sitting on a well 

Don't forget the Spring 2020 learning at home Activity Sheet above and the stay at home ideas and activities.


Activities for this week - 30th March 2020


        *  If you are out having a little walk, look closely at the flowers and plants growing.  See if you can spot any daffodils anywhere!  Maybe you could               have a try at drawing their shape.  Or maybe you could make a daffodil picture in another way?  We would love to see a photo of your work!

       *  In Spring the weather is quite changeable - sometimes it feels sunny and warm, but sometimes it can be windy or wet to!  (This helps new                       flowers and plants to grow!)  This is a perfect time for spotting a rainbow!  Keep your eye on the weather and see if any rainbows appear!  Lots               of people are putting rainbow pictures in their windows - this really cheers people up!  Can you make a rainbow picture and stick it in your                       window for everyone to see?

       *  We all love animals!  have a little think about your favourite animal - and why you like it the best.  Maybe you could find out something                             interesting about your favourite animal, using a book or the internet?  We would love to know!

       *  I'm sure lots of you boys and girls are missing our 'wake and shake' and our 'nursery phonics'.  Keep sharing lots of books at home, and here                   are some useful links to keep in touch with what we like doing -  Have a try at learning the song 'The dingle-dangle scarecrow'.  Use youtube                   to see Mr tumble singing, signing and dancing! Don't forget to learn the actions too!

new.phonicsplay.co.uk (there is a free login for parents on the website)

phonicsbloom.com (there are some fun games to play - click phase1)

Take care and stay safe everybody!  We miss you all :) 



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Daily challenge! 
If you are out on your daily walk, why not enjoy a scavenger hunt? 

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Daily challenge!
Why don’t you make some playdough? (Just mix all the ingredients together!)

Can you practise rolling, squeezing, squishing and twisting your playdough?


Daily challenge!

When you are out on your daily walk, talk about keeping safe when crossing roads.. (For younger children practise ‘Stop’)

Here is a link to a fun song that helps us to practise stopping!


Daily challenge!

When you are having your daily walk, have a look at the different flowers you can see growing.  Choose a flower to draw, look carefully at the shapes and colours you can see!  can you email a photo of your drawing to your keyworker?  We look forward to seeing what you do!

Happy new week everybody!

Today’s daily challenge...
Follow the link and enjoy watching some ducklings hatch from their eggs



Daily challenge!

Today enjoy an indoor scavenger hunt!  Don’t forget to put things back where they belong when you have finished!
Good luck!

Daily challenge!
Today’s challenge is an interesting read for all you mums and dads trying to juggle everything at the minute.  You’re all doing an amazing job!


Daily challenge!

Enjoy an indoor shape hunt!  Talk about the shape names too!  Good luck everybody! 

Daily Challenge!

Explore different objects, and see if they float or sink!  You could guess before you try too, and then test your ideas!

When your on your daily walk enjoy a minibeast hunt!

Today, find some space and move like a minibeast! 

Daily challenge!!
Enjoy a memory game today!  It can be very tricky to remember lots of things! :-) 

Happy VE Day!

Daily challenge!
When you are enjoying your daily walk, see what natural treasures you can find! Happy collecting!

Daily challenge!
Explore arranging natural treasures you find!  Please send any photos of what you create- we would love to see them!

Daily challenge!
Today, think about doing something kind for somebody you know!
Being kind makes people happy!
We can’t wait to hear about your acts of kindness! :-)

Daily challenge!
when you are out and about see if you notice any shadows!

Daily challenge!
When you are out having your daily walk, see if you can find a stick and some natural treasures!
Can you make a beautiful journey stick? 

Daily challenge...

Today, it’s all about numbers...

Daily challenge!
Today, talk about how you feel!
See if you can think of things that make you feel happy! (Or sad, or angry, or however you feel!)

Today’s daily challenge!
A rainbow scavenger hunt!

Daily challenge!
Can you move like an animal?

W/C: 1st June 2020
Here is our home learning for the next two weeks..

We hope you are all keeping safe and well- we miss you all!


Daily challenge...

Have a go at singing and learning the ‘5 little bears’ song!


Daily challenge...

Can you make a bear-like snack today?  We would love to see what you make! :-)

Enter text...


Daily challenge...

Have a games of ‘Simon says’... remember to listen carefully to the instructions!


Daily challenge!
Today, help your child spell out their name with exercises! 


Daily challenge!
Warm your fingers up, and have a go at threading some pasta (or Cheerios) onto string, wool or pipe cleaners! You could even make a pasta necklace!


Daily challenge...

Today, take some time and be mindful...


Daily challenge...

Today go on a safari! :-)


Daily challenge!
Enjoy playing a game using ‘positional language.’  Can you give your child some instructions to follow? Or let them give instructions to you!?

Here is our home learning for the next two weeks...

Stay safe- we miss you all!


Daily Challenge...

Can you have a go at making hand or footprint farm animals?


Daily Challenge...

Today, enjoy some counting! (Remember lining things up and touching each object in turn, helps us to count!). You could count real vegetables, or have a go at making a picture like this one!


Daily challenge!
Can you do some printing with vegetables?  This is really good for children’s fine-motor skills, and also spatial awareness!


Daily challenge...

Five senses nature scavenger hunt!


Daily challenge...

Collect some flowers (that are ok to pick!) and see if you can make some prints with them!


Daily challenge!
Using some play animals (or other objects!) Have a go at playing a memory game!


Daily challenge...

Collect some natural materials and see how you can arrange them.  Can you make different shapes that you know?


Daily Challenge...

Maybe you could try growing some vegetables... just like Farmer Duck!


Daily challenge...

Just like Farmer Duck, can you do some planting?  Or try this simple bean experiment!


Here is our home learning for the next two weeks.

Keep checking each day, for the daily challenges too!
Hope everybody is safe and well! :)

Daily challenge...

Is it raining where you are?
What can you use to make some music in the rain?

Daily challenge...

Have a read and see if you can help!!!

***WE NEED YOU!***
Do you enjoy art? Do you like colouring? Have you painted a beautiful rainbow picture, and are awaiting your next project?
Wait no more – the police of Burnley and Padiham need YOU! 
We are hoping to brighten up our police station with some lovely pictures from people across our community in a bid to make our surgery rooms a little bit happier – so when someone speaks with us on a digital appointment, or they visit us in the station they can see just how talented and amazing you all are.
We are asking for pictures, paintings and collages from all ages on the subjects of police cars, police dogs and horses, the emergency services – and most importantly - Happiness. What makes you happy? We want to see it!
Once our surgery rooms have been redecorated, we will share it with you so that you can pick out yours 
When completed (and dry!) please send them to:
The Happiness Project
PC 4085 Wright
Burnley Police Station
We can’t wait to see all of your artwork – stay safe.
Burnley and Padiham Police



Daily challenge..

Today, have a go at making a discovery/sensory bottle, (there are some brilliant ideas on Pinterest if you want to take a look!). I wonder what you will put inside?


Daily challenge...

Today, why not go on a colour hunt?  You could look inside and outside! 


Daily challenge...

I wonder if any of your teddies need help today? Maybe you could pretend to be a doctor or a vet? There are lots of important jobs to do, that involve helping others! 


Daily challenge...

Have a go at making some fingerpaint! You can carefully take your fingerprints (just like the police do!) Or you could even make a fancy picture or pattern!


Daily challenge...

Today, practise using scissors! Remember scissors are sharp, so make sure you are careful and your grown-up knows what you are doing!


Daily challenge...

Today, have a go at leaf threading!
Threading can be tricky and takes lots of practice! I wonder how many leaves you can thread?


Daily challenge...

Make a magic potion! (Maybe fairy or dragon soup?)

See what natural things you can find and mix together...


Here is the home learning for the following week..


Daily challenge...

Can you grow a rainbow?



Daily Challenge...

Maybe today you could eat a rainbow?
Use some sweetened condensed milk with drops of food colouring, and paint some bread!  (You will need to blot it if toasting!) 



Daily challenge...

Go on a colour scavenger hunt!  You could even make a rainbow with the things you find!


Daily challenge...

Today would be a great day to draw a picture of yourself! (Maybe even with a rainbow background?) We would love to see your work!