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Home Activities

These activities will help you to support your child's learning at home.  They will help to reinforce all the things we have been learning in Nursery School this term.

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Week Commencing 23rd March 2020

 Watch the video of our story this week 'When will it be Spring ?'  www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXo63BhITKY

  • Make a comfy den for the bear to go to sleep in using cushions and blankets
  • Paint or draw a Spring picture
  • Talk about the changes in the weather now that it is Spring
  • If you have got paint at home can you use your fingers to make flowers
  • Other than bears what animals did you see in the story?
  • Do you have a favourite teddy ? Can you retell the story to your teddy ?
  • Can you design and make a bed for your teddy using old boxes from your kitchen?

Don't forget to stay active you could try this dance www.youtube.com/watch?v=10vEa0xKxKQ 

Our Rhyme this week is three little frogs sitting on a well 

Don't forget the Spring 2020 learning at home Activity Sheet above and the stay at home ideas and activities.


Activities for this week - 30th March 2020


        *  If you are out having a little walk, look closely at the flowers and plants growing.  See if you can spot any daffodils anywhere!  Maybe you could               have a try at drawing their shape.  Or maybe you could make a daffodil picture in another way?  We would love to see a photo of your work!

       *  In Spring the weather is quite changeable - sometimes it feels sunny and warm, but sometimes it can be windy or wet to!  (This helps new                       flowers and plants to grow!)  This is a perfect time for spotting a rainbow!  Keep your eye on the weather and see if any rainbows appear!  Lots               of people are putting rainbow pictures in their windows - this really cheers people up!  Can you make a rainbow picture and stick it in your                       window for everyone to see?

       *  We all love animals!  have a little think about your favourite animal - and why you like it the best.  Maybe you could find out something                             interesting about your favourite animal, using a book or the internet?  We would love to know!

       *  I'm sure lots of you boys and girls are missing our 'wake and shake' and our 'nursery phonics'.  Keep sharing lots of books at home, and here                   are some useful links to keep in touch with what we like doing -  Have a try at learning the song 'The dingle-dangle scarecrow'.  Use youtube                   to see Mr tumble singing, signing and dancing! Don't forget to learn the actions too!

new.phonicsplay.co.uk (there is a free login for parents on the website)

phonicsbloom.com (there are some fun games to play - click phase1)

Take care and stay safe everybody!  We miss you all :) 



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