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Stickman by Julia Donaldson ...

Stickman lives in the family tree with his stick lady love and their stick children three. But it's dangerous being a stickman. A dog wants to play with him, a swan builds her nest with him and he even ends up on a fire! Will he ever get back to his family tree!

Over the next two weeks we are sharing the Stickman story, this story has inspired us in lots of different ways, we have enjoyed making our own stickman and taking them on lots of exciting adventures such as going to the zoo, going on a train, and going to the beach! We also thought about our own families and we made our own family trees. We especially enjoyed using our imaginations to come up with different ways a stick could be used, such as a magic wand, a pen and a tickle stick! 

Stickman - image 0
Stickman - image 1
Stickman - image 2
Stickman - image 3
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Stickman - image 5
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Stickman - image 9

Fun in the snow ...
Today we were so excited to play outside in the snow! We got wrapped up warm, put on our wellies and off we went to explore ...
we enjoyed making lots of patterns and foots prints. We tried to make a snowman but the snow wouldn't stick together very well!

fun in the snow - image 0
fun in the snow - image 1
fun in the snow - image 2
fun in the snow - image 3

The Gruffalo's child ...
We enjoyed listening to this story in Phonics and joining in with lots of 'Gruffalo' activities ...

'The Gruffalo said that no Gruffalo should ever set foot in the deep dark wood, but one windy night the Gruffalo's child disobeys her father's warnings and ventures out in the snow. After all, the BIG bad mouse doesn't really exist ... does he?'

The Gruffalo's child - image 0
The Gruffalo's child - image 1
The Gruffalo's child - image 2
The Gruffalo's child - image 3
The Gruffalo's child - image 4
The Gruffalo's child - image 5
The Gruffalo's child - image 6
The Gruffalo's child - image 7
The Gruffalo's child - image 8
The Gruffalo's child - image 9
The Gruffalo's child - image 10
The Gruffalo's child - image 11
The Gruffalo's child - image 12

How to catch a Dragon by Adam Wallace ...

We all enjoyed listening to this story in phonics. Throughout the week we will be joining in with lots of dragon activities and learning all about the Chinese New Year. 

Do you have what it takes to snag a dragon? Dragons are a clever bunch and they're difficult to catch. You'll have to set the ultimate trap - but have you met your match?

Today we have been busy making our own traps to capture a dragon. We have also been making Chinese dragon masks, lanterns and using musical instruments to make music for the dragon to dance along to but we especially enjoyed visiting the Chinese restaurant and trying out the tasty noodles ...

How to catch a Dragon - image 0
How to catch a Dragon - image 1
How to catch a Dragon - image 2
How to catch a Dragon - image 3
How to catch a Dragon - image 4
How to catch a Dragon - image 5
How to catch a Dragon - image 6
How to catch a Dragon - image 7
How to catch a Dragon - image 8
dragon - image 0
dragon - image 1
dragon - image 2
dragon - image 3
dragon - image 4
dragon - image 5
dragon - image 6

Dragon dance ...

Everyone enjoyed dancing like a dragon in music & movement today. We watched a clip of the Chinese New Year celebrations and then we played musical instruments and we danced around the room ...

Dragon dance - image 0
Dragon dance - image 1
Dragon dance - image 2

Tasting Chinese food ...

We have had lots of fun learning all about the Chinese New Year, we have talked lots about all the different foods that they might eat during the celebration. At group time we all got to taste some Chinese food. Our favourite were the prawn crackers and the sweet chilli sauce!

Chinese food - image 0
Chinese food - image 1
Chinese food - image 2
Chinese food - image 3
Chinese food - image 4

Goldilocks & the Three Bears ...

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing this traditional story. This story has inspired lots of fun activities, we have enjoyed acting out the story with our friends, writing letters to the three bears to say sorry and designing and building new chairs for baby bear ...

Goldilocks - image 0
Goldilocks - image 1
Goldilocks - image 2
Goldilocks - image 3
Goldilocks - image 4
Goldilocks - image 5
Goldilocks - image 6
Goldilocks - image 7
Goldilocks - image 8
Goldilocks - image 9
Goldilocks - image 10
Goldilocks - image 11
Goldilocks - image 12
Goldilocks - image 13

Dora's eggs by Julie Sykes ...

Dora the hen is proud of her eggs and wants to invite her friends over to admire them. But Penny pig is too busy with her wriggling piglets, and Daisy dog is playing with her puppies. The more Dora visits the more boring her eggs seem to be!

Everyone is enjoying sharing this story, this story is a great introduction to Spring. We have been busy creating our own farms, learning all the names of the baby farm animals, learning all about the life cycle of a hen and we have been painting and drawing pictures of Dora's eggs and her chicks ...

Dora's eggs - image 0
Dora's eggs - image 1
Dora's eggs - image 2
Dora's eggs - image 3
Dora's eggs - image 4
Dora's eggs - image 5
Dora's eggs - image 6
Dora's eggs - image 7
Dora's eggs - image 8
Dora's eggs - image 9
Dora's eggs - image 10

World Book day ...
Everyone arrived at Nursery dressed up as their favourite book character. We had lots of different characters ... Gruffalo's, Willy Wonker's, Elsa's, spiderman, bat man, stick man, Tigers who came to tea, Three little pigs ...

world book day - image 0
world book day - image 1
world book day - image 2
world book day - image 3
world book day - image 4
world book day - image 5
world book day - image 6
world book day - image 7
world book day - image 8
world book day - image 9
world book day - image 10
world book day - image 11
world book day - image 12
world book day - image 13
world book day - image 14
world book day - image 15
world book day - image 16

Dora's eggs?
Today everyone got very excited when a special delivery arrived, when we opened the box there were eggs inside! After listening to 'DORA'S EGGS' story everyone decided that they must belong to her! The eggs created lots of different discussions about what else could be growing inside  ... dinosaurs, crocodiles, snakes and monsters! 

When we arrived at Nursery the next day we noticed something magical had happened ... someting very small, brown and fluffy had hatched out of one of the eggs! Was it a dinosaur? A snake, a crocodile? No fortunately it was a duckling! We are so excited to learn more about them ...

Ducklings - image 0
Ducklings - image 1
Ducklings - image 2
Ducklings - image 3

Look how big the ducklings are growing ...

We are really enjoying learning all about them and watching them change everyday! Everyone thinks the ducklings are very cute and soft!

ducks - image 0
ducks - image 1
ducks - image 2

We're going on a egg hunt ...

We're going on a egg hunt, we're going to find them all. We're really excited. Hooray for Easter day!
We enjoyed sharing this Easter story in Phonics. We have been on our own egg hunts, we have been designing patterns on eggs, matching egg patterns, making patterns in shaving foam and singing along to the Easter bunny song!

egg hunt - image 0
egg hunt - image 1
egg hunt - image 2
egg hunt - image 3
egg hunt - image 4
egg hunt - image 5

Easter Trail day ...
Mum's, dad's, grandmas and grandad's were invited to join us in Nursery for an Easter trail. There was lots of fun activities. We enjoyed going on an Easter egg hunt, making bunny ears, dancing and singing along to the Easter bunny song ...

Easter trail day - image 0
Easter trail day - image 1
Easter trail day - image 2
Easter trail day - image 3
Easter trail day - image 4
Easter trail day - image 5

Easter eggs ...
Everyone has been invited to decorate an egg for Easter. WOW! Lots of you have been very busy creating some eggtastic eggs! They are amazing! What brilliant imaginations you have! Take alook at how creative you have been ...

Eggs - image 0
Eggs - image 1
Eggs - image 2
Eggs - image 3
Eggs - image 4
Eggs - image 5
Eggs - image 6
Eggs - image 7
Eggs - image 8
Eggs - image 9
Eggs - image 10
Eggs - image 11
Eggs - image 12
Eggs - image 13

A visit from the Easter Bunny ...

Today we received a letter form the Easter Bunny ... "Hello Children, Hippity Hop Hop! It's the Easter Bunny here! This is my favourite time of year, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and spring is finally here! I have a special Easter surprise for you. I have hidden some Easter eggs in the Nursery garden. I want you to go on an Easter egg hunt and find an egg. I've hidden lots of eggs for you to find - you will need to look carefully to find them all! Happy Easter, love from the Easter Bunny".

After reading the letter everyone eagerly went outside insearch of the Easter eggs. There were eggs everywhere ... they were hidden inside things, on top of things, under things and behind things! But we managed to find them all by working together. Well done everyone!

Egg hunt 2 - image 0
Egg hunt 2 - image 1
Egg hunt 2 - image 2
Egg hunt 2 - image 3

The amazing life cycle of plants by Kay Barnham ...

This non fiction book is helping us to learn all about how plants grow and helping us to discover many amazing and wonderful scientific facts about nature. We have enjoyed planting vegetable seeds in forest school, drawing and painting pictures of plants and flowers, ordering plants in correct size order and lots lots more!

Plants - image 0
Plants - image 1
Plants - image 2
Plants - image 3
Plants - image 4
Plants - image 5
Plants - image 6
Plants - image 7
Plants - image 8
Plants - image 9
Plants - image 10
Plants - image 11

Sunflower paintings ...
We have been painting pictures of beautiful sunflowers. We started by drawing sunflowers using black felt pens. We looked carefully at their shape, their features and their colours. We then painted our drawings. We had to mix our own colours, using powder paints. We worked hard to match the colours we could see! Just look at how amazing they are ...

Sunflowers - image 0
Sunflowers - image 1
Sunflowers - image 2
Sunflowers - image 3
Sunflowers - image 4
Sunflowers - image 5
Sunflowers - image 6

Supertato ...
Supertato is always there for you when your chips are down. He's the supermarket superhero with eyes everywhere! But now there is a pea on the loose. A very very naughty pea!

Over the next few weeks we are sharing the Supertato story. There are lots of exciting activities for everyone to do based around this story ...

supertato - image 0
supertato - image 1
supertato - image 2
supertato - image 3
supertato - image 4
supertato - image 5
supertato - image 6
supertato - image 7
supertato - image 8
supertato - image 9
supertato - image 10
supertato - image 11
supertato - image 12
supertato - image 13
supertato - image 14
supertato - image 15

Mad about Minibeasts by Giles Andreae ...
This week we are all very excited about sharing this story. There are lots of fun activities for everyone so that we can learn more about Minibeasts. In this story there are lots of wonderful rhyming minibeasts. We loved joining in with all the noisy sound words and looking at the colourful pictures. There are slithery snails and buzzing bees to wriggly worms and munching caterpillars!

We have enjoyed going on our own 'bug' hunts. We found lots of wonderful creatures such as wriggly worms, woodlice, slugs, snails and spiders and we drew pictures of some of the minibeasts that we found ...

Mad about minibeasts - image 0
Mad about minibeasts - image 1
Mad about minibeasts - image 2
Mad about minibeasts - image 3
Mad about minibeasts - image 4
Mad about minibeasts - image 5
Mad about minibeasts - image 6
Mad about minibeasts - image 7
Mad about minibeasts - image 8
Mad about minibeasts - image 9
Mad about minibeasts - image 10
Mad about minibeasts - image 11
Mad about minibeasts - image 12
Mad about minibeasts - image 13
Mad about minibeasts - image 14
Mad about minibeasts - image 15
Mad about minibeasts - image 16

Phonics trail day ...
Everyone had a lovely time at the 'Phonics' trail day. Our mum's, dad's and family members were invited to join us. We enjoyed sharing lots of activities that we do in Phonics. We made silly soup, for this we had to identify initial letter sounds.  We also played across the river game where we had to segment & blend words. We made shakers by filling up bottles with pasta and we went on a listening walk, listening to environmental sounds ...

stay & play phonics - image 0
stay & play phonics - image 1
stay & play phonics - image 2
stay & play phonics - image 3
stay & play phonics - image 4
stay & play phonics - image 5
stay & play phonics - image 6
stay & play phonics - image 7
stay & play phonics - image 8

The lion inside by Rachel Bright ...
This story is all about a little shy mouse who sets out on a journey to find his roar ...
Everyone can feel small sometimes but we can learn to find our own voice. Making a change can make things change. Being brave can also be scary!

We have enjoyed creating a small world jungle, drawing our favourite jungle animals, making lions out of clay and we also had a discussion about what makes us scared ... "Thunder!" "Fireworks!" "Scary monsters", dragons!" 

the lion inside - image 0
the lion inside - image 1
the lion inside - image 2
the lion inside - image 3
the lion inside - image 4
the lion inside - image 5
the lion inside - image 6
the lion inside - image 7
the lion inside - image 8
the lion inside - image 9
the lion inside - image 10


We looked at photographs of lions very carefully, looking closely at their features and colours and then we drew pictures of them. I think we definitely have some budding artists at Rosegrove Nursery!

Lions - image 0
Lions - image 1
Lions - image 2
Lions - image 3
Lions - image 4
Lions - image 5
Lions - image 6
Lions - image 7
Lions - image 8
Lions - image 9

A Squash & a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson ...
A little old lady lives all by herself but she is not happy - her house is just too small, even for one. Whatever can she do?

This story teaches adults and children that sometimes all it takes is a new perspective to help us to appreciate what we really have. 

We have been busy designing and building new houses for the old lady to live in so that she can fit all her animals in. We have also been drawing the characters from the story and acting out the story ...

Squash & sqeeeze - image 0
Squash & sqeeeze - image 1
Squash & sqeeeze - image 2
Squash & sqeeeze - image 3
Squash & sqeeeze - image 4
Squash & sqeeeze - image 5
Squash & sqeeeze - image 6
Squash & sqeeeze - image 7
Squash & sqeeeze - image 8
Squash & sqeeeze - image 9
Squash & sqeeeze - image 10
Squash & sqeeeze - image 11
Squash & sqeeeze - image 12
Squash & sqeeeze - image 13
Squash & sqeeeze - image 14
Squash & sqeeeze - image 15
Squash & sqeeeze - image 16
Squash & sqeeeze - image 17
Squash & sqeeeze - image 18
Squash & sqeeeze - image 19
Squash & sqeeeze - image 20

 Smithhills farm visit ...

Everyone had an amazing time visiting Smithhills farm. We learnt lots about all the different animals. We all got the opportunity to feed and touch some of the animals. We also enjoyed going on a donkey and tractor ride, it was very bumpy!

Farm - image 0
Farm - image 1
Farm - image 2
Farm - image 3
Farm - image 4
Farm - image 5
Farm - image 6
Farm - image 7
Farm - image 8
Farm - image 9
Farm - image 10
Farm - image 11
Farm - image 12
Farm - image 13
Farm - image 14
Farm - image 15
Farm - image 16
Farm - image 17
Farm - image 18
Farm - image 19
Farm - image 20
Farm - image 21
Farm - image 22
Farm - image 23
Farm - image 24
Farm - image 25
Farm - image 26
Farm - image 27

The Colour monster goes to school by Anna Llenas ...

Over the next few weeks we are talking lots about some of the children moving on to 'BIG' school. This story is really good at introducing this topic.

The colour monster in this story is heading off to school too, he shares all his thoughts about what he thinks school will be like. 

We have had lots of discussions about this, some of us are feeling excited, a little sad and worried.

We have been making our own colour monsters by mixing paints together to create new colours.
We have been building colour monsters using duplo and using the musical instruments to create different types of music such as 'calming, happy and sad' ...

The colour monster goes to school - image 0
The colour monster goes to school - image 1
The colour monster goes to school - image 2
The colour monster goes to school - image 3
The colour monster goes to school - image 4
The colour monster goes to school - image 5
The colour monster goes to school - image 6
The colour monster goes to school - image 7
The colour monster goes to school - image 8
The colour monster goes to school - image 9
The colour monster goes to school - image 10
The colour monster goes to school - image 11
The colour monster goes to school - image 12
The colour monster goes to school - image 13
The colour monster goes to school - image 14
The colour monster goes to school - image 15
The colour monster goes to school - image 16
The colour monster goes to school - image 17
The colour monster goes to school - image 18
The colour monster goes to school - image 19

Sponsored walk ...

Well done to everyone, you all did amazing! We all walked around Lockyer playing fields two times! All the money raised will go to the Nursery school fund so that we can buy lots of new resourses for Nursery. Thank you everyone.

Sponsored walk - image 0
Sponsored walk - image 1
Sponsored walk - image 2
Sponsored walk - image 3

Teddy bears picnic ...
All the children who are moving onto 'BIG' school in September were invited to a 'Teddy bears picnic' to celebrate their time at Nursery. They were joined with their mums and dads. All the ladies at Nursery are really going to miss everyone and we hope you all have an amazing time at school.

Teddy bears picnic - image 0
Teddy bears picnic - image 1
Teddy bears picnic - image 2
Teddy bears picnic - image 3
Teddy bears picnic - image 4