Havelock Street, Burnley, Lancashire, BB12 6AJ
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Meet the Governors

Our Nursery School is Governed by the Federated Governing Body of Rosegrove Infant and Nursery Schools. www.rosegrove.lancs.sch.uk

Our Governors are fully committed to supporting both Schools to achieve the highest possible standards and outcomes for all children.

Chair of Governors - Mr N Yates

Z Johnson, I Roche ( Vice Chair), N Edwards, S Brammer, J Barlow, A Fairfield, S Jones, L Renshaw, J Casey.

Attendance Full Governing Body

Full Governing Body Meeting 202122.pdf .pdf
Full Governing Body Meeting 202021.pdf .pdf
Full Governing Body Meeting 2022-23.pdf .pdf

Attendance Resources Committee

Resources Sub Committee Meeting 202122.pdf .pdf
Resources Sub Committee Meeting 202021.pdf .pdf
Resources Sub Comittee Meeting 2022-23.pdf .pdf

Attendance Standards and Effectiveness Committee

Standards and Effectiveness Sub Commitee Meeting 202122.pdf .pdf
Standards and Effectiveness Sub Commitee Meeting 202021.pdf .pdf
Standards and Effectiveness Sub Commitee Meeting 2022-23.pdf .pdf

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