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Rosegrove Nursery School

Woodland ...

Forest school is an inspirational process, that offers ALL learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self esteem through hands on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment.

Each day a group of children are taken into the woodland, this week the children have been learning all about bugs, this involved going on lots of bug hunts ...

Winnie's Broken Broomstick: 25th October 2017

Today in Forest School the children discovered Winnie's broken broomstick. The children thought of lots of ideas of how we could fix Winnie's broomstick and make it even better than it was before. They made it stronger by adding a larger stick with tape and then made a potion using objects they could find from around Forest School. Each child found a magic wand and thought of their own spells to make Winnie's broomstick magnificent again. The spells worked and the children were very excited to tell Winnie the good news. Together they tested the broomstick by flying around Forest School. The children decided to tie a ribbon around the broomstick as a nice surprise for Winnie. They were very proud of what they had achieved and couldn't wait to tell all the adults at Nursery.

'The Snail' by Henri Matisse: 8th November 2017

At the beginning of this week we read the story 'Snail Trail' by Ruth Brown. Following on from this we looked at 'The Snail' picture by the artist Henri Matisse. Today in Forest School we chose to create our own snail picture on a larger scale. First of all we collected lots of natural objects we could find around Forest School. We found lots of twigs, pine cones, stones and lots of different colours and sizes of leaves. We then each placed the objects on a large mat creating our own pattern to represent the shell of a snail. We were very pleased with what we had achieved as a team!

Autumn Time ... (02/11/18)
Today in Forest school we made Autumn collages, we did this by collecting leaves, twigs, berries and pine cones ...