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Rosegrove Nursery School

Self - Isolation Station

Please use the resources on this page so you can continue learning at home if your family has to self-isolate.  If Nursery has to close a bubble different resources will be available for all children.

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Every two weeks in Nursery School we focus on a 'Core Book' and use these stories to support the children's learning.  These stories are available on You tube for your child to watch.  Below is a list of the 'Core Books' and the dates

Weeks commencing - 12th and 19th October,  'Meg and Mog'

Weeks commencing - 2nd and 9th November, 'The Hedgehogs Balloon'

Weeks commencing - 16th and 23rd November, 'The Gruffalo'

Weeks Commencing - 30th November and 7th December, ' The Christmas Story'

Week Commencing - 14th December ' Shh !' (Santa Story) by Julie Sykes




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There are also lots of fun activities to enjoy on our home activities tab. https://www.rosegrove-nur.lancs.sch.uk/parents/home-activities