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Rosegrove Nursery School

Our Learning 2020-21

Tatty Bumpkins 

Every Wednesday we join in with Tatty Bumpkins. This helps us to become bendy, giggly, clever and strong!
Tatty Bumpkins combines yoga movements and story telling.

Halloween's coming ...(w/c 12/10/20)

We are looking forward to joining in with lots of spooky activities such as carving out pumpkins, making spooking pictures, making lots of magic potions and lots more ...

Halloween dancing ... (15/10/20)

Every Thursday we do 'music & movement'. Today we had lots of fun dancing and singing along to spooky songs, we especially enjoyed pretending to be spooky ghosts, witches, cats and bats!

Happy HALLOWEEN ...(21/10/20)

Everyone looked amazing dressing up in their Halloween costumes! We had lots of fun today ...


The festival of light ... (02/11/20)

This week we are thinking about the celebration Divali, this is a celebration that is celebrated all over the world. the lighting of lamps, feasting with families, firework displays and fairs are all part of the festival fun of Divali. This Hindu festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil and brings new hopes for happiness and prosperity.

Remembrance Day ... (02/11/20)

This week we have been learning all about Remembrance Day. We have been busy making poppies and painting pictures of them.

Remembrance Day is a memorial day which takes place every year so that countries in the commonwealth can remember members of the armed forces who have lost their lives serving their country. Remembrance Day is always on the 11th November.

Fire work dancing ... (05/11/20)

We have been learning all about Bonfire night, today in music and movement we pretended to be fireworks. We watched a clip on You tube and we used pom poms to represent the fire works! Everyone came up with some brilliant ideas!

Children In Need ... (12/11/20)

To help raise money for Children In Need we donated £1 and we learnt the Pudsey dance. 

Have you seen 'The Gruffalo?' ... (16/11/20)

Today we listened to The Gruffalo story by Julia Donaldson and Axel Sheffier. Throughout nursery there are lots of exciting Gruffalo activities to choose from such as going on a Gruffalo hunt, using puppets to act out the story, making up Gruffalo recipes and lots more!

Children In Need ...

Well done everyone and thank you for your donations, we raised an amazing £50!!

The Owl and the Christmas Star Nativity story by Mary Murphy ... (30th Nov - 11th Dec)

The story that we will be learning about is The owl and the Christmas star. This story is a version of the nativity story told by a curious owl. Throughout nursery there are lots of activities to choose from, such as making owls, decorating stars, building rockets etc. 

Getting ready for Christmas ...
Everyone is getting into the festive spirit, we had lots of fun helping to decorate the Christmas tree and opening the advent calendar.

It's Christmas jumper day! (11/12/20)

To help raise money for 'Save the children' charity we all wore our Christmas jumpers and donated £1 ...

Christmas activity day that included a visit from Santa!

This year we celebrated Christmas a little differently, We still had lots of fun! We all enjoyed joining in with lots of fun Christmas activities. Everyone was so surprised that Santa popped by and he said hello to everyone through the window, he left us lots of presents! It was a little sad that he couldn't come inside to meet everyone but not to worry because Santa had already thought about that, he recorded a Happy Christmas message which we all watched. Thank you Santa! Hopefully we will get to meet you next year.

Happy New Year everyone!

Welcome back everyone we hope that you all had a fab Christmas!

The Snowman by Raymond Briggs...  (04/01/21)

This week we are going to be learning all about the Snowman story. We are looking forward to joining in with lots of snowy activities!

Today we had lots of fun playing outside in the snow! We made our own snowman just like the one from the story!

Perky little Penguins ... (18/01/21)

This week we are learning all about Perky Little Penguin story by Tony Mitton. This story is all about perky penguins going out to play, they slide and waddle around the world, and show everyone how much fun you can have playing in the ice and snow! To support this story there are lots of penguin activities to choose from, we have also been learning a penguin dance in wake & shake!

There's a dragon in your book! (1-12th Feb 2021)

We have enjoyed listening to the story 'There's a dragon in your book' by Tom Fletcher. This book got our imaginations going! Especially when we discovered an egg in nursery! Everyone was so excited to find out what could be inside, could it be a alien or a dinosaur or even a crocodile!
Later on in the week the egg hatched and inside was a baby dragon just like in the story!

Chinese New Year ... (11/02/21)

We have enjoyed learning all about the Chinese New Year celebrations. Today we all had a go at 'dragon' dancing! We looked amazing!!

Once upon a time by John Prater ... (22nd Feb - 5th March) 

We are enjoying listening to the story 'Once upon a time', this book is great for helping us to extend our imaginations. This story follows a little boy as he watches his dad go off to work and then he eagerly awaits for his return. It's very dull for the little boy who lives in the countryside, with just his mum and cat for company. Nothing much happens and no one comes by, or so he thought ...

This story has inspired lots of role play, we especially enjoyed acting out the Three little pigs story, building homes for them and designing a home for them so that the big hungry wolf won't eat them all up!!

World Book Day ... (04/03/21)

To celebrate World Book Day everyone dressed in rainbow colours, and throughout the day we joined in with lots of rainbow activities and listened to our favourite stories ...