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Rosegrove Nursery School

Our Learning 2019/20

Welcome ...
We would like to welcome the new children to our nursery. We hope you enjoy your time with us. The nursery staff are looking forward to getting to know you and your child.
The new children have enjoyed exploring nursery and making new friends ...

Fun in the rain ... (27/09/19)
We made the most of the rain today, we put on our wellies  and we had an amazing time splashing about in the puddles!

Harvest time ...
We are collecting for the Burnley Women's  refuge. We are grateful for any donations. Thank you.

Baking with Emily ... (08/10/19)
Every Tuesday we bake with Emily. This week we made spider cakes ... Yummy!

Tatty Bumpkins (0910/19)

Every Wednesday we join in with Tatty Bumpkins. This helps us to become bendy, giggly, clever and strong!

Tatty Bumpkins combines yoga movement with story telling.

Halloween Party (30/10/19)
Everyone was invited to the after school club Halloween disco, we enjoyed joining in with lots of party games and dancing along to spooky music. We also enjoyed eating  yummy hot dogs!

Bonfire night ...(05/11/19)
We have been thinking lots about bonfire night, we have enjoyed sharing our experiences, making firework pictures, making firework patterns in glitter and moving around in different ways pretending to be fireworks! We also talked about keeping ourselves safe.

The Leaf Man story ... (11/11/19)
This week we are thinking about the leaf man story. We went on an Autumn walk in the nursery garden and we collected lots of leaves, we noticed that the leaves were lots of different colours and sizes and that lots were falling from the trees! We are going to use the leaves to make collages, leave prints, leave rubbings and we are going to make our own leaf man!

Baking spotty buns with Emily ... (12/11/19)
Today we baked spotty buns, we are going to sell them on Wednesday to raise money for Children In Need.