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Rosegrove Nursery School

May 2017

Library Van Bus

We enjoyed visiting the library bus and listening to lots of stories.

We have ducklings

We were so excited to discover that ducklings have hatched out of the eggs! We are looking forward to learning lots about them.

Special delivery

We were so excited to have received a very important parcel. Inside we found 6 eggs. We talked about what we thought was inside them. There was lots of different suggestions ranging from dinosaurs, crocodiles, chicks and ducklings! We have put the egggs into a special incubator, this helps them to keep warm and safe. We are going to keep a very close eye on them and we will let you know if some of our suggestions are correct.

The Ducklings first swim

Today we filled up a paddling pool up with water for the ducklings to have their first swim. They had a lovely time splashing around it the water!