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Rosegrove Nursery School

Welcome back everyone! 
This week the children have enjoyed catching up with friends and staff and establishing new relationships after the long summer holiday ...


Stay & Play ... (19/09/18)
Mum's, dad's grandma's and granddad's were invited to stay & play for the first hour of nursery. We had lots of fun showing them all the exciting things we get up to ...

Music & Movement ...(27/09/18)
Each Thursday and Friday we join Jane for music and dance. This week we danced around the room using scarves. We experimented with different ways of moving, jumping,bobbing,& bending. Joining in with this activity helped us to coordinate and control our bodies and to develop our spacial awareness.

Harvest Festival ... (W/c 24/09/18)
We are collecting for Burnley Women's Refuge. We are grateful for any donations.Thank you.

Music & Dance ... (04/10/18)
This week we had a special guest Kayla she came into nursery to teach the children ballet and tap dancing. Not only did we learn lots of different dance moves we had lots of fun too!

Tatty Bumpkins ...
Every Tuesday we join in with Tatty Bumpkins. Tatty Bumpkins helps us to be bendy, giggly, clever and strong!
What is Tatty Bumpkins?
Tatty Bumpkins combines yoga movement with story telling to support children's development - in particular looking at core strength and flexibility as well as developing imagination and communication skills.

Autumn ...
We have enjoyed learning all about Autumn. Autumn is the season that is full of changes within nature. it is 
also a fun time of year when people around the world celebrate and give thanks.

Burnley Mechanics Theatre trip ... (16/10/18)
This afternoon we enjoyed visiting the theatre to watch a performance of Tabby McTat.

Stay &Play ... (17/10/18)
Parents were invited to stay & play for the first hour of nursery.

Halloween ... (w/c 29/10/18)

This week at nursery we have been celebrating Halloween, we took part in lots of different activities, read Room on the Broom, carved a pumpkin and did lots of messy and sensory play ...

Halloween Party ... (31/10/18)
Everyone was invited to after school club for the Halloween party. We dressed up, played party games and had yummy party food!

Bonfire Night ... (05/11/18)
This week we have been busy joining in with lots of 'Bonfire' night activities such as sharing our Bonfire Night experiences, making fire work pictures, pretending to be fireworks and lots more ... 

Diwali (w/c 5/11/18)
We have been learning all about Diwali. Diwali is a five day festival of light, it is celebrated by millions of Hindus and Sikhs across the world. The festival, which coincides with the Hindu New Year, celebrates new beginning and triumph of good over evil and light and darkness.

We have hens ... (12/11/18)
We were very excited to meet our new hens that will be living in our chicken coop outside. We are all looking forward to learning lots about them.