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Rosegrove Nursery School


Our Explorers’ Room is a base for our younger two year old children. It has recently been refurbished to enable children to relax and read in cosy corners or explore and create using all of their senses in other spaces in the room. The Explorers have access to their own outdoor learning environment which is carefully planned to enable all children to continue on their learning journey through exploring and investigating the environment.

All children in the Nursery School are able to access our Forest School. Forest School is an inspirational concept providing learning opportunities through practical activities in an outdoor environment. Forest School embraces an approach of nurturing, supporting and developing the self–esteem of children. Our approach also enables children to develop their speech and language skills by creating positive and exciting outdoor experiences.

Places for two year old children can either be paid for by parents or funded by the Government. To see if you qualify for free childcare for your two year old ring 0300 123 6712 or visit lancshire.gov.uk/family

Welcome to the new children who started in Explorers Room this week ...

Everyone is settling in and enjoying exploring all the areas.

Dotty Day ... (13/09/17)
We have been reading 'The Dot' by Peter H Reynolds; a story about a girl who struggles to make her mark on paper yet goes on to make a picture, entirely created by dots. Throughout this week we will be doing lots of dotty activities and wearing our dotty clothes!

We looked at a painting by the artist Kandinsky; he uses large circles and dots in his pictures. We used circular shaped tissue paper and coloured dabbers to create our own master piece ...

Stay & Play ... (20/09/17)
Parents were invited to stay & play for the first hour of the nursery session. We had lots of fun showing our mum's, dad's and our grandparents what we get up to!

Harvest collection ... (27/09/17)
We have been colle
cting tinned foods, packets and baby products for Burnley Women's refuge. Thank you for all your support. 

Exploring Forest School ...
Explorers had a lovely time exploring forest school, everyone especially enjoyed making muddy recipes in the mud kitchen!

Gruffalo Trail Day ... (13/10/17)

We had lots of fun joining everyone on the Gruffalo trail. We also completed lots of fun Gruffalo activities which involved making masks, making Gruffalo's out of play dough, going on a Gruffalo treasure hunt and making Gruffalo crumble and scrambled snake in the mud kitchen!

Gruffalo crispy cakes ...
We made these cakes by melting chocolate, adding rice krispies and decorating them with chocolate buttons,smarties and
Marshmallows, yummy!

Autumn has arrived ...
Thank you for sharing your Autumn selfies. We have enjoyed learning lots about Autumn.

Halloween's coming ... (23/10/17)
We are having lots of fun getting ready for Halloween we have enjoyed joining in with lots of spooky activities. We had a fantastic time at the Halloween party ...

Remember Remember the 5th of November ...
We have enjoyed sharing our bonfire night experiences and joining in with lots of activities. 

National Nursery Rhyme Week ... (13/11/17)
We have been celebrating the importance of nursery rhymes by learning a new rhyme each day ...

Children In Need ... (17/11/17)
We helped to raise money for Children In Need by wearing as many different colours as we could and donating £1.

Wow! We raised an amazing £97.31. Thank you everyone!

Stay & Play Day ...
We had lots of fun having our mums and dads stay and play with us. 

Getting ready for Christmas ... (01/12/17)
We are all really excited about Christmas, we helped to decorate the Christmas tree and we open the advent calendar each day.

Fun in the snow ... (4/12/17)
We had lots of fun playing out in the snow, we especially enjoyed making footprints! 

Baking ... (11/12/17)
We enjoyed baking cookies with Emily, they tasted yummy!

Christmas Party ... (18/12/17)
We all had lots of fun playing party games at our Christmas party. We also made reindeer food!

Puppet workshop ... (19/12/17)
Parents were invited to stay and make a Christmas puppet with their child. We were very impressed with their creations!  

Christmas Celebrations ... (20/12/17)
We have enjoyed joining in with all the festive activities. Merry Christmas everyone!

Baking with Emily ... (15/01/18)
We have learning all about 'The Gingerbread man' story, today we baked our own Gingerbread men ...

The Three Billy Goats Gruff ... (22/01/18)
This week we have been learning all about 'The Three Billy goats gruff' story. We have been busy acting out the story, making scary trolls, and building 
bridges ...

Baking with Emily ... (29/01/18)
We received a letter from the Troll, telling us that he was so sorry for being so grumpy and scary towards the three Billy goats when they attempted to cross the bridge, to show how sorry he was the Troll very kindly brought in some ingredients so that we could make some yummy biscuits ... 

Off to the shops ... (30/01/18)
Some of the children in Explorers have have been role playing shops, to support this we wrote a shopping list and we took it to the shop in Rosegrove. We bought a loaf of bread and a jar of jam. when we got back we made jam on toast!

Healthy Week ... (w/c 29/01/18)
This week was 'healthy week'. we have been exploring lots of different types of fruit and vegetables, carrying out different exercises and making healthy fruit smoothies ...

Talking and Thinking Tree ... (w/c 29/01/18)
Thank you for telling us all about the healthy foods you like to eat, this has been placed on our 'Talking and Thinking' tree.

Shrove Tuesday ... (5/02/18)
As we are on half term next week we made pancakes this week. We watched 'The Wolf's Pancake' story and we had a go at making our own. We worked together to weigh out the ingredients and then mix it all together. We used flour, eggs, and buttercream. They tasted yummy!

Fun in the snow ... (06/02/18) 

We loved playing out in the snow, we especially enjoyed making snow soup!

Chinese New Year Celebrations ... (19/02/18)
This week we have been learning all about the Chinese New Year Celebrations. We enjoyed dragon dancing, making Chinese decorations, and tasting Chinese food!

Zoolab visit ... (28/02/18) 
Today we had a visit from Zoolab, They brought in lots of animals based around Chinese New Year. We saw a lizard, a spider,a snake and a rat, we even got to touch some of them!

Mum's Day ... (07/03/18)

Our mum's were invited to stay & play with us to celebrate Mother's Day.

World Book Day ... (08/03/18)
To celebrate this we dressed up as our favourite book character.

Special delivery ... (07/03/18)
We got very excited when we found out that there had been a special delivery, we tried to guess what we thought it could be ... no one could have guessed that it was eggs! We wanted to eat them! But then we found out that these eggs were very special because they had something growing inside them. What could it be? We didn't have to wait too long to find out. Everyone got very excited to meet the baby chicks when they  hatched out of their eggs ...

Happy Easter ... (w/c 19/03/18)
Happy Easter Everyone, this week we have be doing lots of fun Easter activities, we especially enjoyed making chocolate nests.

Easter Trail Day ... (21/03/18)
Parents were invited to join us on our Easter Trail, we enjoyed searching for eggs, making chocolate eggs, making patterns on eggs ...

Easter Egg competition ...
Everyone has been invited to decorate a egg for Easter, Everyone has been very creative!

World Down Syndrome Day ...
We helped to raise money for the Down's syndrome Association Charity by wearing odd socks. 

We raised £70 for the Down's Syndrome Association by wearing our odd socks. Thank you for all your support. (April 2018)

Fruit kababs ... (17/04/18)
We have been learning all about 'The Hungry Caterpillar' story. Today we made fruit kababs using the fruits from the story.

The Hungry Caterpillar ... (17/04/18)
We have all enjoyed learning all about 'The Hungry Caterpillar', we especially enjoyed meeting them! We are all very excited to
watch their changes and see what might happen!

Stay & Play (25/04/18)
Stay & play was another success, everyone had lots of fun sharing their experiences with their mum's, dad's and grandparents.

We have butterflies ... (14/05/18)
The caterpillars have finally emerged from their cocoons, they have now turned into beautiful butterflies. 

Parachute fun ... (19/06/18)
Explorers had a brilliant time joining in with lots of parachute games, our favourite  game was hiding underneath it!

Dad's, granddads and uncles Day ... (20/06/18)
Dad's, granddads and uncles were invited to stay & play for the first hour of nursery to celebrate Fathers Day.

Sponsored walk ... (27/06/18)
Everyone joined in with a sponsored walk to help to raise money for the school fund. Well done everyone!